Thursday, May 17, 2012

Earth Dashboard

If the equator were a tape measure you would find that the earth is 1,584,000,000 inches (4,023,360,000 cm) around. The earth also weighs 5,972,190,000 trillion tons.  By the way if you have ever wanted to try to dig a hole to China make sure you have a canteen of icewater with you. The temperature at the earth's core is 7232° Fahrenheit (4000° C).  On a more serious note, at the time of this post:  Of the 7,041,428,197 people on earth today 854,508,895 are living in slums and 863,903,009 have no access to clean water.

Buckminster Fuller referred to our planet as the "The Spaceship Earth" and considered we humans its crew members. The interactive Earth Dashbord gives us the information we need to monitor and control the course of our vessel. See all kinds of interesting statistics in the areas of  population, education, food, communication, conservation and much more.  You will find it at: