Monday, September 5, 2011

Opportunities in Socially Responsible Design

"The future is not going to be the skyscraping cities of New York." How can a volunteer-run hot chocolate drive fund an entire school for 600 kids including class 3 classrooms and a rainwater collection system?  Even though Cameronn Sinclair gave this talk in 2006, the information is equally applicable today and in any geographical location. Creative, sustainable solutions to emergency and transitional shelter. Humanitarian efforts by architects and engineers to give local solutions to local problems by involving communities in the design process - from planning to building. With open source architecture inventors and designers are encourage to freely share their unique solutions with no fear of their ideas being stolen and profited upon by large companies.  A creative commons license allows people to implement a technology for non-commercial purposes - providing solutions during tragic and desperate emergency situations while protecting the rights of the inventor and while assisting in the testing of the idea in real life situations around the world.

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